Mic Check Freestyle by Graffiti Bleu

1st thing I thought the day I turned 50/ Was how things were shifty/ that’s a reference/ to my perspective/ I thought of/ how age caught up/ and how much I was shorted/ how I got my stolen bike back/ how I afforded/ That apartment in Cambria Heights by washing dishes/ Part time/ with my […]

The Poet & the Violin (Act 2) “Superheros & Monsters”

We have officially reached the arch of this story/ The crossroad/ the fork in the road/ the middle of this allegory/ Guts and glory I use as metaphors for the 2 paths laid before me/ Gut is a metaphor I gave the darkness/ Leaving me no choice but to give God the glory/ Praise be […]

Is This the Best We Can Do?

Is this really the best we can do? Love thy neighbor is a difficult concept?/ “United we stand divided we fall” is something we don’t get?/ Open your heart is something we can’t let?/ Happen/ Is disrespect really the foundation of everyone rapping?/ Or are we sadistic & sadomasochistic rubber necking the car accident as […]

Love’s True Nature & How Conditions F*C Things Up.

     Love seems to move so randomly to me. As random as a wandering eye. As random as a feather skipping between gravity and a summer’s breeze. As random as a sudden lust for a stranger’s touch. As random as a thought. Love is also quick, shapeless and flexible. Love seems to be much […]

Dragon & the Goddess Blog: entry #118

Dragon & the Goddess Blog: entry #118 I serenade you still. My Moon who bathes me in light/ I bask in your fire/ I enjoy the dance between your hips, mind & spine/ I watch as our chakras harmonize/ like wind & rain going diagonal/ source energy hitting the clouds like electricity/ thunderous as it […]

A Hundred Bars of Tough Love

At the table I sit like I’ve done so many times before/ Sometimes to break bread/ sometimes to wage war/ What more/ can I say/ if top billing/  Was already achieved at the hand of mic killing?/ Everything that doesn’t give you that feeling/ Like you ate soul food that promotes healing/ Hurt people/ Hurt […]

Inside of This Fantasy

Inside of This Fantasy I am torn/ Like a child who’s parents just got divorced/ where the mom as well as the dad both told the child separately/ “I would love for you to live with me” That same child may have a fantasy/ that the divorce never came to be/ I am torn/ Like […]

Before I Cut the Check

      Once upon a time I was in a situation/ where I was having a great conversation/ with a goddess that had great powers of persuasion/ She also had more game than Allen Iverson/ Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Laura Robson/ Micheal Jordan in 91/ or a hand of spades about to run a […]