Love seems to move so randomly to me. As random as a wandering eye. As random as a feather skipping between gravity and a summer’s breeze. As random as a sudden lust for a stranger’s touch. As random as a thought. Love is also quick, shapeless and flexible. Love seems to be much quicker than a reaction to a warm touch. Quicker than sunlight can bathe a planet. Quicker than the thought that brought “I love you” to her parted lips. I imagine love to be as shapeless as water but with more imagination than H2O. A creative imagination that would give it a shape that bends the fabric of reality. Allowing it to flow through every reality there is, as freely as god herself. With the ability to match the shape of every heart of every being ever created. A love that can fill any heart to the very brim with light if invited inside. It has been my experience that one of the core lessons we are on this planet to learn is Love’s true nature. How love works. How love doesn’t work. It also has been my experience that regardless of culture gender or upbringing, we all seem to place an abundant amount of conditions on the one’s we love and the way the ones we love express their love to us. Some of these conditions seem reasonable to me. Requiring people to love themselves greater than or at least equal to how much they love you for example. Most of these conditions however do not appear (to me at least) to be reasonable at all.