Once upon a time I was in a situation/ where I was having a great conversation/ with a goddess that had great powers of persuasion/

She also had more game than Allen Iverson/ Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Laura Robson/ Micheal Jordan in 91/ or a hand of spades about to run a Boston/

She says to me: I just can’t see giving any man this pussy for free/

I got to thinking about that statement as well as what my rebuttal would be/ Before I opened my mouth I heard my wisdom say to me/

Never try to persuade/ those who are already convinced/ So I let the statement slide since/ the pennies from my highest thought made so much sense/

Silly of me to think that biting my tongue/ would pause our interaction/ since I’m dealing with the type of person/ who simply says shit just to get a reaction/

She insisted/ and then persisted/ that I show some respect/ and engage her using my intelect/

I said “No disrespect/ But Before I Cut the Check”

Please know/

Peace and tranquility/ are more important to me/ than the meanest kitty/ from the baddest chick/ from the greatest city/

Please know I will be watching how you navigate a room/ whether it be filled with/ your friends/ my friends/ your exes or my exes/ please/ No questionable disappearances through emergency exits/

And should we separate within the confines of a crowded room/ fine.. / I’ll be looking to you to still move with me as one/ like the 1st hour of the afternoon/

Love I mean no disrespect/ But Before I Cut the Check/

I need spiritual vitamins you can only get from soul food/

So if you can’t love me in a way that sustains my diet/ to me that’s a bad look/ a pretty girl who can’t cook/

Also/ please know/ I never looked at money like it was something I couldn’t get/ through creativity or ingenuity bests believe I’m going to collect/ so don’t be making porn star threats/ then I blow a couple stacks but it doesn’t make you wet/

Love I mean no disrespect/ But Before I Cut the Check/

I need to know that a woman chooses me to be in her presence/ on the strength of my own essence/

I have already experienced women who didn’t love me but loved what I provided/ Excuse me for mixing sex with love/ it’s hard to keep the 2 divided/

Love I mean no disrespect/ But Before I Cut the Check/

I need to know that you will bring more to the table than plastic place mats/ alternative facts/ and soy sauce packs/

I need the wind at my back/ a girl by my side who can roll a blunt/ and then quickly light the match/

Can you handle that? Hmmmmm I wonder/

For if you can/ I have no problem signing my name above the routing number/