Is this really the best we can do?

Love thy neighbor is a difficult concept?/

“United we stand divided we fall” is something we don’t get?/

Open your heart is something we can’t let?/


Is disrespect really the foundation of everyone rapping?/

Or are we sadistic & sadomasochistic rubber necking the car accident as it happens?/

Why are drug dealers taking so much pride in genocide?/

As a matter of fact/ why is there so much pride/

in that?/

All drugs I’m familiar with sell themselves/

There’s no salesmanship or charisma necessary to move any type of feel good from point A to point B/

As a matter of fact/ Facts don’t seem to matter in this reality/

White Jesus is everywhere/ even though we know his skin was bronze/ and wool was the description to describe his hair/

We know teachers are underpaid and we expect them to care/

We see injustice everyday and say “That isn’t fair”/

But few would do a damn thing about it/

We’ll get a hashtag if we’re lucky/ if enough people write a tweet about it/

but I doubt it/

Is this the best we can do?/

We still expect that which has never been done/

such as a rich politician being in the best interest of those who are oppressed/

Everyone claims that they aren’t racist/ yet racism exists/

everyone knows that the media is controlled by those who lie yet we watch it while eating our favorite snacks/

perhaps the processed sugar helps us swallow a truth we don’t believe/

We know love is the answer/ yet we never ask the question/

How are we doing?/ Are we okay?/ What do you we need for us to succeed?/ How can I help?/ Are you really ride or die/ if you’re riding by yourself?/

Excuse me while I switch gears/ Ease off the clutch/ change the direction and such/ artistic expression is my current destination/ Hopefully we will discover how to unplug ourselves from the matrix along the way/

We all know that Independent artist need support/ but what’s the last independent project you went out and bought?/ But I can’t sit here and act like it’s someone else’s fault/ when mastery of one’s craft/ self promotion/ and attention to one’s overall brand/ isn’t brought to the table like pepper & salt/ 

Is this the best we can do?/ Some women say there are no good men/ Some men say happy wife happy life/ and none of them are right/ Both statements by both sexes lacks ownership and personal responsibility/ which is the whole point of this poem/

Is this the best we can do?

Of course not/ we all have way more power than we think we do/

we tell ourselves all the time that one person can’t make a difference yet deep down we know that isn’t true/

we can be more involved and/or more engaged in the things that matter most/

Focus your mind and stop distracting yourself/

Only love the worthy/ and when they are, keep them close ~