1st thing I thought the day I turned 50/

Was how things were shifty/ that’s a reference/ to my perspective/

I thought of/ how age caught up/ and how much I was shorted/ how I got my stolen bike back/ how I afforded/

That apartment in Cambria Heights by washing dishes/

Part time/ with my mind/ working full-time/ writing rhymes/

I thought of how the world spins/

I subtracted losses from wins/

A grin/ when I saw the grand total/

No paparazzi photo/

nice with the words on the low though/

like a hustler running numbers/

fuck a dollar playing lotto/

A backpacker’s bravado/ circling Movados/

In the mag like I’mma get me one some day/

Foch crew was never scared/ and I was always prepared/ 

with a hundred bars in the tuck/

The Southside representer/ GQ magazine presenter/

In a blazer asking what the fuck is up?/

I had the street’s protection/ and many imperfections/ 

I’m a poet for the street cats/ speaking facts/

I wasn’t a drug dealer/ I was more of a healer/ in training/ even though the shit was draining/

50 years remaining?/ 


A shock to me/ police never got to me/ it’s got to be/ that you were meant to rock with me/

Great to see/ you enjoying the rhyme flow/

Perhaps I’ll reach another five O/ 

without a visit from five O/ 

But should they start snapping/

and ever happen/

to fuck with me/


whoever’s yapping/

and cap-pin’/ 

won’t bury me/

Under the jail/ how could you be so obtuse?/

That’s an Andy Dufresne bar/

I’m not a rap star/ until they hear a rap bar/ 

and realize I shine different/

to be specific/

I flow like a nerd who’s scientific/

With an approach at an angle that’s quite vivid/

Simply exquisite/ like the shine from the moon is different/

From the Sun/ that it comes from/

Originally I’m from/

Hollis/ peace to Jay/ DMC and Run/

Amazing what you become/ the moment you overcome/ the reflection in the mirror that you don’t see/

Facetiously/ I apologize to the record companies/ when I refused to sign/ on the dotted line/

I suppose it just wasn’t my time/ to get manipulated/castrated/ jaded/ and frustrated/ or perhaps I would’ve made it/ in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/  Feeling honored and looking faded/ After I elevated/

I digress/

I was never impressed/

when creativity increased/

But the music quality was less/

I’ll only stop on the day of my death~


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