100 Thousand Poets for Change Global EventNow would also be a great time for me to elaborate on the poets who came from around the world, the beautiful weather, wine and women. I would rather tell you about what I learned simply from watching. I was a witness to the very “change” they proclaim in the title. I watched a couple work in tandem on a common goal. So in that (Terri and Michael) taught me that this sort of relationship was possible. I have seen and experienced so many relationships that more resembled “A Team of Rivals” other than a partnership. I was also a witness to a the organization’s victory earlier than most did. As I attended each meet and greet, each round table discussion and each poetry performance; I noticed that the victory was hidden in the fact that poets from all around the world were actively engaged in a movement that inspired them. Is our goal as artists NOT to inspire others? Is inspiring others NOT on the to-do list of every human soul? I was inspired. Completely and unequivocally, what I was witnessing was history being made. I was witnessing the page turning in the great book of the universe. I was watching causality personified in a character archetype that would best be described as “freedom” In the realm of creativity, I often found myself in the role of mentor. I was know the humble student. A student with a desire to add to this movement, evolve with this movement and assist in helping this movement achieve its ultimate goal. Which makes this a perfect time to share the 100 Thousand poets for Change Mission Statement with you.