LTTT Ep 9 There’s a New “Bad Word” (Transcript)

LTTT Ep 9 Someone once told me that the definition of a poet was simply a lover of language. I have to assume this is true, since I would consider myself a poet and I certainly love language. I love commonly used words, I love uncommonly used words, big words, hard to pronounce words, clever […]

The Art of Saying No (Synopsis)

The Art of Saying No: The Memoirs of a Naive Poet

When it comes to the topic of “loving yourself first” it always amazed me of how many different interpretations one can receive after stating one phrase. Also amazing to me is how many today may view a statement such as this as selfish or negative. I believe quite contrary to that. I was born in […]

The Character of Tiffanie Tai & the importance of a good Backstory.

     As I am growing as an artist. I am realizing that there are different levels to everything we do. I have always heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” and was ever mindful of this saying. Especially since there are so many forms of writing that I enjoy and express […]

Open Letter to an Angel.

My Dearest Angel:           The Sun hit my face between clouds passing and it made me think of you. How in the midst of a storm and through the mist of the rain, you came into my life. Before you I knew much but after you grew wise. I will always love you for […]