Loving Her/ Loving Me/ Loving Us/

Loving her/ How I love thee/ let me count the ways/ I love how you love & perhaps that’s too Cryptic to start/ so I begin by peeling back the layers of your affection/ Your love of me does not come at the cost of forsaking yourself/ You know that I am attracted to your strength & you use that knowledge as extra inspiration to stay that way/ She is as strong as the sunlight in a cloudless sky/ As strong as the gravity between Earth & Moon/ as strong as the possibilities of an inspired child who has never known fear/ 

Loving her is like exploring the rooms of a beautiful new home that you’ve seen before in a dream/ No furniture/ No problem/ Nothing in this relationship has to be staged/ She fills the emptiness of uncomfortable silence with the whispers of pleasant thoughts & wonders/ She is the medicine which provides vitality without toxicity/ She not only looks at me with empathetic eyes/ but with the pride/ of a princess promised to a prince she has loved since her earliest memories/ She loves my heart & serenades it with compassion & understanding/ & it is THIS that compels my loyalty to her very essence/ This also persuades me to offer my life to protect hers without the slightest spark of a second thought/ always/    

Loving Me/ well… loving myself at first was like learning a new language while writing with your opposite hand/ A foreign concept like giving selflessly & receiving back that which you gave ten fold over/ Loving myself allows me to be the rock of stability in the center of an ocean of uncertainty or a storm at sea/ It allows me to have empathy for others who translate their fears into dark world views/ Loving myself is like having a second coat of skin/ Protecting me from any elements that consist of lower vibrations/ Allowing my truth not to be influenced by the truth of others/ Loving myself is the medicine for my soul/ Allowing my soul & my flesh to be in harmony/ Allowing my soul & source energy to be in alignment/ aligned like the line of sight between 2 star cross lovers sharing their first gaze/ 

Loving Myself has revealed to me just how many people do not love themselves/ & for those who do not love themselves/ we are not a vibrational match/ & since many who do not love themselves also do not understand the concept of vibration/ They will dislike those who love themselves without fully understanding why/ Loving myself made it easier to forgive myself as well as those who trespass against me/ Relieving me of any burden not meant to sit on my shoulders/ Thus loving myself makes me feel as light as a dandelion that rides the wave of a spring breeze/   

Loving Us/ Loving us goes well beyond the expectations of anything propagated by society/ Trying to imply that all unions must have a mutual need for each other/ With a focus on physical resources/ but that’s only one dimension/ As if the beings in a realm with 3 dimensions do not have 3 dimensions/ being mind, body & soul/ loving us goes beyond this notion like black & white TV went beyond technicolor/ & then progressed to 4K & 1080 HD/ We are beyond like both loving the color red & the color blue equally as your favorite but loving magenta more after red & blue combine/

Loving Us allows me to be free & feel safe when I ponder the ways in which I love her & me ~  

GB ~