As I am growing as an artist. I am realizing that there are different levels to everything we do. I have always heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” and was ever mindful of this saying. Especially since there are so many forms of writing that I enjoy and express myself in. When I rap.. I make sure I take time with the beat I will be rapping over. I do this by free styling over and over while listening to the instrumental. After I find the melody I like and develop a rhythm or “harmony” with the beat, I then ask myself “What do I want to say?” After all that is done… THEN I write the verse. I don’t want to be the “whack” rapper. (No one does)

Well… I have learned to take a similar detailed approach when I switch gears and write novels. I am taking particular care with my latest work in progress The Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure’s “Hustler’z Code”

Since the world in which these characters live has already been established, I am doing things I have not had to do for the three books that have preceded this one.

  1. “An Emotional Affair”
  2. “Intimate Rivalz”
  3. “Simony Chiavary 2.0

Making up a character from scratch is not particularly easy when they are a main character. They need purpose. They need motivation. They need a backstory and a reason for doing what they are doing to make your book plausible, suspenseful and all around good to be frank. Secondary characters are a little easier since one doesn’t have to go into an extraordinary amount of detail to explain why a certain secondary character is doing what they are doing…

Which brings us to the reason why we are here..

Tiffanie Tai was certainly a secondary character who I created in this series.. She first appeared in “Intimate Rival’z” Since the “Hustler’z Code” picks up where the last book left off, I realized that bringing the secondary character of Tiffanie Tai to the forefront would make for great storytelling..

For fans of the series that have already read the previous books.. know that Tiffanie Tai was a beautiful “spicy” character that was a lover to the Amber character. Tiffanie had a number of issues she was dealing with in the story, but it was never explained how she got there. To move forward with the story (and not take the lazy writers way out by just having her disappear without any explanation) I wrote a backstory for her. This helps me as a writer better navigate interactions between the characters because I know the characters motivations WELL BEFORE I sit down to write. (Instead of making it up on the fly)

Sooooooo…. If you are a follower of the series, or you are new to my works please enjoy the Backstory of Tiffanie Tai which you can find at the link below.