The Character of Tiffanie Tai & the importance of a good Backstory.

     As I am growing as an artist. I am realizing that there are different levels to everything we do. I have always heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” and was ever mindful of this saying. Especially since there are so many forms of writing that I enjoy and express […]

Intimate Rivalz: Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure, Book 2

Intimate Rivalz: Poet's Pursuit of Pleasure, Book 1 by LaMont Anthony Wright

The land of happily ever after exists just beyond a forest set aflame. Half of us are unwilling to walk through that fire to get to the other side. The other half are unaware that the fire even exists. Amber and Anthone return between the margins only to discover that new levels come with new devils.

Hustler’z Code: Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure, Book 3

Hustler'z Code: Poet's Pursuit of Paradise, Book 3 by LaMont Anthony Wright

“Hustler’z Code” is a work in progress, but you can check out the following excerpt to receive a sneak peek of what’s to come. Journal entry #222 “My husband, my mentor, my lover, my friend. The only thing better than exploring your body was experiencing your soul. Listening to you share your wisdom while you […]