Rejoice in the eye of the storm/ for the storm is seasonal/

To me this sounded feasible/

My Mother told me that in 98/

When I was on the way/ to being great/

While I was looking for plates/

The ones that were loaded with steak/

Medium well/ paired with a grape/

When I was looking for love/

But finding the hate/

Making young boy mistakes/

Surrounded by fakes/

But looking to make/

An impact with what I create/

My legacy is homicide when pen meets paper/

Graffiti at the top of skyscrapers/

Daydreaming/ and searching for meaning/

Purpose, power, steady studying and scheming/

Like why am I here/ Isn’t it clear?/

and The Lord is like “why not?”/

Explore what you’ve got/

I’ve given you gifts for making it hot/

I’ve given you lyrical grenades that blow up spots/

I’ve given you the freedom to plot/

Your own path/ for all-time/ forever/ while I’m watching your back/

I’m like now/ “Is that a fact?”/

The Lord looks at me/ and then says to me/ “True Indeed”/

Handle your biz/

And remember that/ it is what it is/

And the rain is necessary too/

Now I’m like true/

Indeed/ it/ is/ truly a blessing/

The Lord speaks/ the moment when we’re ready to listen/

Helping us escape the prison/

We create/ with false notions/

Toxic emotions/

misguided devotion/

To that which does not matter/

Like chit-chatter/

about what people believe/ about you/

that may/ or may not be true/

and only a faithful few/

should even be apart your crew/

But I believe that’s something you already knew/

G-R-O/ Double U – N / M – A- N / business/ I call it expansion

Love is house so I live in a mansion/

With no time for minor distractions/

G-R-O/ Double U – N / M – A- N / business/ with the latest in


Inner happiness is why they feel that I’m handsome/

Full understanding of the laws of attraction


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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