We built a legacy together/ A side hustle company together/   found time to raise a family together/   friends well beyond fair weather/ Some would say we’re clever/ cause we’ve got love figured out/ Our New World order/ is to restore Order/  We go back to basics just like case quarters/ The way you […]

Thrilla In Manilla

Your standing one one side/ and fighting for one side/ sharing what’s inside/ of your heart and your soul/ But then when it comes time/ To open up your mind/ It seems as if your blind/ and out of control/ Talking and listening at the same time won’t work/ Thinking submission is a felony crime […]


Protector, provider/ Direction, decider/ I found a rider to compliment me/ Yin to my Yang/ & it’s never a thang/ to be under my wing/ & to walk beside me/ A fantasy/ to reality/ can it be/ possible/ that it was meant to be/ Destiny/ put you right next to me/ chemistry/ on every level/ […]


Rejoice in the eye of the storm/ for the storm is seasonal/ To me this sounded feasible/ My Mother told me that in 98/ When I was on the way/ to being great/ While I was looking for plates/ The ones that were loaded with steak/ Medium well/ paired with a grape/ When I was […]