Protector, provider/

Direction, decider/

I found a rider to compliment me/

Yin to my Yang/

& it’s never a thang/

to be under my wing/

& to walk beside me/

A fantasy/ to reality/ can it be/ possible/ that it was meant to be/

Destiny/ put you right next to me/ chemistry/ on every level/ essentially/

The honeymoon was over/ then the flow changed/

You were doing you/ & I was doing me/

Now that didn’t mean being a Casanova/ or a thotty/ yet it felt strange/

It felt like we were intimate rivals/ in some sick form of competition/

The decision/ for better or for worse/ feels like its adding up/ to our division/

Us against the world/ or me against you?/ pressure bust pipes/ nothing feels right/

You’re my baby girl/ but you don’t feel safe/ like if we see each other/ and it’s on-site/

Life is so hard/ so I go get a therapist/ to try to care of this/ war of the spirit/

I become aware of this/ I dare/ to share as if/ a specialist/ actually wanted to hear it/

She listens/ eyes glisten/ my vision/ is different/ my prison/ was hidden/ from my third eye/ a prison/ without bars/ my ego was involved/

Digression/ my blessing/ my lesson/ oppression/ or weapons/ forged against black queens and kings for war/ just won’t mother fucking work anymore/


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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