In Front of the Bodega

In front of the Bodega/

We find our hero/ ordering a turkey and cheese/

Looking through bullet proof glass/ at midnight/

on a hot summer night/ uptight/ without a breeze/

Aggravated/ since I haven’t ate/ my mistake/

Aggravated/ cause it’s hella late/

And it’s as hot as a cake/ or a cornbread/

Fresh out the oven/ just like/ my mother makes/

I step to the side/ while they put my order together/

New York City/ so you better/ be clever/

Enough to keep your head on a swivel/

Big Benz pulls up/ the driver was little/

Young boys/ pulling up like pampers/ after the powder/

Mercedes the same color as clam chowder/

Fresh out the studio/

Playing the radio/ 50 decibels louder/

Than it needed to be/

But I gave em a pass/ because that used to be me/

The little guy/ orders a pastrami on rye/

Turns around and looks Graffiti straight in the eye/

Playing me close like a shave/

Also acting overly brave/

Hoping he does not have a blade/ hoping that he behaves/

If it goes left/ then I will give him the fade/

Time to pay for the sandwich/ with a Venmo/

Young boy says/ please listen to my demo/

But I’m trying to get to the food fast/

So I tell him/ I’m the wrong person to ask/

He says/ that’s some bullshit/

You were my Dad’s favorite rapper in nine six/

Before you left NY like a punk/

Walking away from us/ isn’t something you want/

I know they call you Graffiti/

But back in the day/ you were simply Serg with the low fade/

Stagnant water/ hating the new wave/

Listen to the music/ and give me a quick grade/

I tell em I’ve already heard/

As soon as y’all pulled to the curb/ I was catching the words/

Keep working on your craft/

A studio/ demo/ is only a rough draft/

Then he called me a hater/

I said that’s cool/ He said I’ll see you later/

In my John Wick voice I said no you won’t/ He says he wants to battle/ no you don’t/

That is exactly what I tell him/

Now I’m surrounded by predicate felons/

The situation is getting worse/

I’m not going out like a punk/ I’ve gotta give him a verse/

Listening to some of you rap/

is like wearing a cap/ that’s 2 sizes/ 2 small/

You’re hurting my head/ Pause/

Now I could use gauze/

you’re making my ears bleed/


affect proceeded by the cause/

You young-ins steady calling it hate/

That’s a mistake/

I simply disagree the fake/

and wicked ways/

Your disrespect is traveling like strays/

Missing the mark/

So your words are not bullets to me/

It’s not even art/

So it’s more like a stray dog/

missing the dog park/

This is the cool part/

Like in Braveheart/

When William Wallace had enough/

Helping to jumpstart/

A revolution and a war/


I wonder if a war’s/ what you’re ready for/

Speaking in metaphor/

If I break your wrath/ in half/

Is that the same thing as making a God bleed?/

The spear was thrown far/

Do you want to lay in the ground with no scars?/

Meanwhile your killer walks around with no charge/

That was a sidebar/

Heard you’re an Rock-Star/

Shook and afraid/ looking for grades/ what you made/ is subpar/

Moving right along/

It hurt me to hear your new song/

The one where you get/ over zealous/ and tell us/ more/

about all of your/ riches and bitches/

Like we haven’t heard it before/

Talking reckless/

Makes you the best at talking reckless/ And nothing more/

In front of the bodega/

His food is ready/ He grabs his pastrami on rye

The Alpha and the omega/

Collided big time/ and I just couldn’t lie/

In front of the bodega/

Two cops walk up/ asking what’s going on here/

The Alpha and the Omega/

Got separated by two cops/ keeping the street clear ~


  • GB


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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