Some say only the strong survive/

And that’s cap/ because weak cats/ are still alive/

I would even argue that some of them thrive/

With that being said here is my top 5/

My number 5 is DJ Run/ this is based on impact/

In fact/ he was one of them ones/

To dress like a kid from the block/

When disco fashions were over the top/

And dominant in Hip-Hop/

He was never complicated with lines/

Yet still everyone was reciting his rhymes/

I’ve got Nas as my number 4/ His storytelling was raw/

And more advanced than who came before/

And when his rival started a war/

He made Ether a catch phrase/ we couldn’t ignore/

Black Thought I have at number 3/

Strictly based on his skill set as an emcee/

He dropped over 200 bars on Funk Flex/

Collected respect/ and a Tonight Show check/

I watched him say raps better than the rapper that wrote em/

Kick the game in the scrotum/ I really should promote em/

But Eminem has the second slot on the list/

From another planet disguised as a lyricist/

Making words that don’t rhyme/ rhyme/

Truly a one of a kind/ an architect with clever designs/

His love for the craft is evident/

and I rock with em heavy just for being different/

I’m from the originality era/

so Emcee clones can only be fake friends/

Who live their life as a mirror/

Number 1 on my list go to the God Rakim/

After him no one was rapping the same/

The entire game/ had changed/ inside of that time frame/

He started the complex pattern/

metaphors that were deeper than caverns/

Rocking rings that were bigger than Saturns/

I heard him say/ as the Earth gets further and further away/

Planet’s as small as a ball of clay


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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