Mic Check Freestyle by Graffiti Bleu

1st thing I thought the day I turned 50/ Was how things were shifty/ that’s a reference/ to my perspective/ I thought of/ how age caught up/ and how much I was shorted/ how I got my stolen bike back/ how I afforded/ That apartment in Cambria Heights by washing dishes/ Part time/ with my […]

Crossroads. (A short story about the entertainment industry)

I believe the year was 1993. I was in the midst  of a studio session with my New York crew. Men of Exquisite Talent is what we called ourselves. “M.O.E.T.” (yes.. like the champagne)  The engineer of this particular session was a man named Troy Hightower. A extremely talented man. He would go on from […]

A Moment of Clarity #FreeVerse

        A Moment of Clarity #FreeVerse   So here I stand/ audience curious/ cameras rolling/ verses upon verses on the ready/ Heart injecting blood furious/ glands injecting adrenaline/ yet my hands are steady/ Butterflies now fly away freely/ and my gut easy/ No longer am I nervous although I embrace that energy/ […]