A Moment of Clarity #FreeVerse


So here I stand/ audience curious/ cameras rolling/ verses upon verses on the ready/

Heart injecting blood furious/ glands injecting adrenaline/ yet my hands are steady/

Butterflies now fly away freely/ and my gut easy/

No longer am I nervous although I embrace that energy/ I embrace that synergy/

The combination of inspiration, passion and the lust to leave a legacy/

The energy/ I speak of is potential and kinetic/ and it’s pathetic how emcees betray momentum and say “Forget it”

When in reality they shouldn’t sweat it/

Thoughts flash across my mind quicker than the dirt that made it past your blinking eye/

But you’re not blind though/ even though/ those who envy/ may pretend to be/

What I just did was give individuals/ a visual/

I am loved and I am hated because my approach isn’t typical/

My style is as random as a windy day or a path of a falling feather/

With the bird it came from representing the Lord/ and the ground it landed on representing you and I together/

From that ordained path of flight/ to this most auspicious of nights/

We walk together hand in hand/ spoken word and open ears/ through the gallos of my mind/

To visit the wine cellar of my soul/ crushed grapes represent the telling of best kept secrets/

The elixir is the verse that quiches the thirst/

For all those who wanted me to “Keep it a Hundred”

Testimony is the proof/

I hope you can decipher the vintage on the wine bottle since it’s written in graffiti letters/

Sincerity my ink of choice/

It never fades and lasts forever/ despite bad weather or those niggers of every color that refuse to come together/

Sour are the grapes of the petty thieves who don’t have an open window to exploit an opportunity/

So the best they can try to do to real poets like you and me/ is try to clone/

Flipping what we said dying to be clever/

A copy/ of a copy/ of a copy/ sloppy/ and not better/ than the source material they refuse to stay true to/

So I fuck with them constantly/ this is what I do/

I bend words crazy with pad and pencil/ into shapes they cannot stencil/ like the ones you’ll hear tonight without background instrumentals/

Tonight is the night where the tip of the tongue finds the fold of the clit/

Tonight is the night where you drive home like.. (I can’t believe he said that shit)

Tonight is the night where chocolate mushrooms/ spray liquid sugar on cherry stems/

Tonight is the night David meets Goliath with intentions to replace him/

Tonight is the night where we both represent selfless and ideal orgasms because tonight we’re going to cum together/

It is time for me to bring my people home/ independent thinkers you are not alone/ if you see no need for the Devil’s charity/

An epiphany called “Love” filled me with white light/ and the resulting verse is my moment of clarity ~


Footnote: I wrote this specifically for a feature show at Luna’s Cafe in the fall of 2013. This was before Rhythm & Poetry’s doors opened. This is before I woke up spiritually and became self aware. This is at a time where many things that mattered to me then, slowly started to become less important. Things like trying to fit in. Things like the desire to have the validation of others and other such things. I had a chip on my shoulder when I wrote this, but as I read it over, I realize that I was about to leave the “Old ME” behind and become something new. Something humble. Something focused. Something that knew exactly what he was placed here to do.. Ironic.. I was calling the verse “A Moment of Clarity” not realizing how wide my eyes were actually about to open..