Open Letter to an Angel.

My Dearest Angel:           The Sun hit my face between clouds passing and it made me think of you. How in the midst of a storm and through the mist of the rain, you came into my life. Before you I knew much but after you grew wise. I will always love you for […]

God Bless this Union

This is the story of a wounded poet/ This is the story of 2 angels of mercy/ This is the story of light shining in the darkness of adversity/ Once upon a time a wounded poet came west from the east/ He had a soul that needed light and a spirit that needed peace/ He […]

“The Sit Down”

The Sit Down by Graffiti Bleu

Just because you have a knife, fork, napkin and appetite doesn’t mean that you’re bringing something to the table. Funny, how a love starved heart makes you see a meal in the empty hands of the sexy who’s the first to approach. Many are guilty of judging a soul with rose tinted glasses. In an […]