LoveThis is the story of a wounded poet/
This is the story of 2 angels of mercy/
This is the story of light shining in the darkness of adversity/

Once upon a time a wounded poet came west from the east/
He had a soul that needed light and a spirit that needed peace/

He found 2 angels of mercy close to the mountaintops where God liked to play/
Both Angels were wounded as well/ both visited darkness too/ but unlike the poet/ both chose not to stay/

The wounded poet let their love be his medicine/
He was inspired by the angels of mercy for their ability to be genuine/

In love/ in life/ invincible/ immortal/
The wounded healer saw god through both of them/ their love opened the portal/

Recovered and rested the healer realized his purpose/
The 2 angels of mercy helped him as well as any Sunday service/

They chose light/ they chose love/ they chose compassion/ they chose each other/
They healed the poet till he could stand on his own and soon you will discover/

The Angels of mercy in this tale are Colleen & John and the communion/ with the wounded poet happened to be me/ so to all God bless this union ~