Just because you have a knife, fork, napkin and appetite doesn’t mean that you’re bringing something to the table. Funny, how a love starved heart makes you see a meal in the empty hands of the sexy who’s the first to approach. Many are guilty of judging a soul with rose tinted glasses. In an attempt to learn from the lustful mistakes of the past by moving too fast,

I slow it down,

I break it down,

This is called:

“The sit down”

The table is set, blanketed in mutual attraction but lust alone is not a foundation it’s an emotion.

I liken emotion to a dandelion wrapped in the bosom of a gentle breeze making true love just a wish.

Weightless, beautiful but incapable of sustaining the weight of the imminent burden that follows romance like a long slender shadow.

Who am I?

I am a novelist, author and poet who desires more than just a short love story.

I am seeking a romance worthy of an epic tale worth dollars.

A trilogy worthy of a debate by scholars.

We can’t sit at the table bargaining love chips with the currency of skin.

Without being connected first from within.

So day by day I respect your feminine gangsta by finding out your life plan.

Even if there is none.

Perhaps we can make one.

Or perhaps we can let our love flow spontaneous like ripples of water and flickering flame.

Producing a passion not fit to be tamed.

Making both hearts pound.

Creating such sweet sound.

But first let us have…

A sit down.

You handle my truth as I handle yours.

We teach each other to find definition through transition.

We teach each other love restitution through love evolution.

Our bond overcomes opposition and has no competition.

Our bond’s constitution fuels loves revolution.

But evil never takes a day off…

We are surrounded by negative energy trying to find balance by breaking the link that bonds two would be lovers. Like the darkness of night raps itself round a tree.

And like the tree we can no longer see, like love itself we know that its there.

So we wait without fear for the imminent dawn.

The sun light appears like the Lord himself. Not when we wanted it, but when we needed it.

We then give thanks for the wisdom that built the foundation.

With the stones of friendship and the mortar of trust.

Now you and I are successfully us.

As Queen and King we walk together having earned the coveted

his and hers crowns. But it all was made possible by keeping it real

during our sit down.

Graffiti Bleu