Simony Chiavary: Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure, Book 2.5

simony-chiavary-478x720Simony Chiavary: Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure, Book 2.5 is the third installment of a four-book, family saga entitled the Poet’s Pursuit of Pleasure.

This book personifies the pleasure, pain and persistence of a strong woman navigating her way through an underground world ruled by men. This book is also the culmination of everything we love in a great story.

Written as a feature-length poem, the writing represents what would happen if you mashed the movies “Sin City,” “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “Love Jones” all into one film and had it directed by Quentin Tarantino.

This is an adult version of a “Which-Way” or “Alternate-Endings” book from our youth, where the reader decides the actions of the main character while reading.

This book has five different endings which are decided by the reader. You can choose Destiny, Fate, Love, Religion or Money. Each option is followed by its own separate story that follows Simony’s life that the reader chose to follow. So find a quiet spot, hold on to your butts and enjoy.

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