Hop-Hop is a culture/
Hip-Hop is a sculpture/
Made of fresh meat picked apart by the vultures/
Hip-Hop is a statement/
Hip-Hop is a rose/ Growing up through the streets of the ghetto/ and breaking through the pavement/
Rebellious by nature/
street disciples/
saw me/
as a poetic journalist with the passion to rhyme words/
Hip-Hop/ is not/ simply what’s hot/ Yasiin Bey said that it’s rock/ and roll/

shame that we lost control/

of the music made for us/ and by us/
but not controlled/ or bank rolled//
or distributed by us/ let us/ proceed-to-discuss/ why the rap form/ of Hip-Hop should adjust//

and turn all the way up!/

I’m speaking on vibration with that line/

media entities/ in vicinities/ of hip-hop legacies/ who chose to be the writers of histories/ try to rewrite the history/ focusing on negativity/ they don’t provide any transparency/ News Flash! they’ve got a mystery/ acting like they ain’t the enemy/ who provides the artillery/ special delivery/ ignorance is the priority/

Hip-Hop says swagger to much/
Hip-Hop seems to be outta touch/
Hip-Hop is making a fuss/ about who’s/got the most followers and views/ Tattoos/
Real or Fake News/

Hip-Hop is a cruel Mistress/
Hip-Hop is a witness/ of the evil that men do/ as well as the forgiveness/
Hip-Hop Is a DJ/
Hip-Hop is saying “go shorty”/ on your birthday/

Hip-Hop is a basement party jammed tight/
Hip-hop is a freestyle without a mic/
Hip-Hop is a dance move// on the big screen/ setting out to prove/
You can smash the elements of Hip-Hop all together/ until you get a crush groove/

Hip-Hop is graffiti art/
Hip-Hop is a fresh start/
Even though/
things fall apart/

I am not sure/ of what is/ the Root cause/
The culture certainly has flaws/
We’ve come a long way from the yes/ yes/ y’alls//
/Kurtis and Iverson/ brought it to basketball/

Hip-Hop says stand tall/ it says/ protect your neck/
come correct/ or not at all/
It starts out for the love/
Until the fear slides in/ like fingers inside a glove/

Changing art that was once authentic/
and switching it to a gimmick/
Hip-Hop is a bank loan/
Hip-Hop is 15 minutes/ of fame/ that gives birth to clones/

Hip-Hop is a big deal/
Hop-Hop is something you feel/
Hip-Hop is the difference between a fake rapper/
and an Emcee/ who is keeping it real/

Hip-Hop is a conversation/ between Sway/ and Fab Five Freddie/
Reminiscing on Rock Steady/
Dropping on YouTube/ and already/
someone’s in the comments being petty/

Hip-Hop is anything cool// Like Kill Bill one and two/
Like minded artists forming a crew/
Hip-Hop is a battle rapper threatening you/
Making statements/ that ain’t true/ on what they’re about to do/

When they should be keeping it rap/
The game is funny like that/
But it is all Hip-Hop to me/
Starting from the bottom/ and reaching up like a tree/

Hip-Hop is a subwoofer in a trunk space/
A barbershop discussion/ of who comes in 1st place/
of your personal top-5/
And how does Pastor Ma$e reconcile/ with Murda Ma$e/


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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