STRUGGLE = Start Thinking Responsible Using Great Guidance Learning Experience
Encouraging Love Generates Great Understanding Reflecting Truth Sharing Successful Triumphs Uplifts Good Gains Loving Everyone


Everyday is a struggle to better self, to be more responsible & understanding knowing it takes us to support each other as family. Life is a process taking one day at a time learning to MASTER SELF, Motivated Accomplishing Struggles Through Experiencing Responsibilities Shows Everyone Love First, Love yourself as you respect yourself when amongst family & friends. We give hope to others who don’t believe the impossible is POSSIBLE Pursuing Opportunities Shows Success Is Basically Love Everyone , we are that special, we are life it self. REMEMBER: We are our unborn relatives ancestors of tomorrow future, but today we are historians living in history of today. Love self into existence, through STRUGGLES Shows Truth Reflects Understanding Growth Gets Love Everywhere.

Love you as I Love myself

Learn Live Love Life