If wisdom itself is infinite, how naive must I really be?/ Exhibit A/ my views on loyalty/ You see/ I love in the ride or die fashion/ with the riding being towards the glory and the dying happening while walking through the flames/ How can anyone be loyal to passion when passion wasn’t meant to be tamed?/ yet some folks/ think equally yoked/ means 2 hands and one remote/ pushing buttons, manipulating with the right while the left’s wrapped around your throat/ Which brings me to exhibit B/ my insistence on being loyal for loyalty’s sake/ this is not a complaint/ it all taught me how people go from loving who you are/ to filling with hate for everything you ain’t/ Exhibit C/ me naively thinking I could fix things while I was broken myself/ Believing my own hype like everything was quite alright/ sitting in a dark corner with a candle that I refused to light/

If wisdom itself is infinite, how much have I learned thus far?/ Exhibit A/ my connection with source/ Being in touch with infinity has a funny way of changing your course/ from moves that made you uneasy/ to moves your soul could endorse/ Exhibit B/ me finally learning how to stay worry free/ has me healthier and stronger than I would be/ had I lived fearfully/ Finally exhibit C/ is in the way I learned to say goodbye to expectations and hello to the phrase “Just Let It Be”

So maybe/ just maybe/ there is hope for me/

If wisdom itself is infinite, how much wiser are we? ~