6 foot, 2 inches/ long reach/
Orthodox or southpaw with his speech/
The type to lay silent and make noise/
The type to get challenged and stay poised/
A fighter/ a graffiti writer/
Similar to me he was an outsider/
Not afraid to scrap/ but afraid to fail/
Full of conflict/ trying to prevail/
From the fight inside he was having with his self/
Walked the opposite way of everybody else/
Cats that popped shit would leave him amused/
Cats that talked dumb would leave him confused/
Like Negro, how could you not know?/
Many thought that he had a huge ego/
Arrogant was his demeanor but not his core/
He was the cat that told me I should rap more/
A man of few words/ and not a lot of patients/
But would seek out wisdom in conversation/
Clever with his thoughts/ and bold with his words/
He’d say what we would of said if we had the nerve/
He knew the streets well/ but not well enough/
He wasn’t the type that tried to act tough/
Just a real dude that may come across cavalier/
So much so he called himself Sincere/
Born in December of 77
September of 13/ he went to 
We were at peace before his eyes closed/
That’s why I’m here to let you all know/
Who he really was/
Who he really is/
How he made his moves/
And how he lived/
Some of y’all thought right train wrong tracks/
And if you thought that you’re not looking at the facts/
The fact is my brother was keeping it raw/
And his tolerance for bull was lower than ours/
So if you didn’t know/ well now you know/
I’ll see you when it’s my turn little bro/
For all you other cats that miss Sincere/
Give you loved one flowers while they’re still here/
This way they are still alive to smell them/
Let them know how much you love while you can tell them/
Welcome to the Track #9 lyrics of the “A Moment of Clarity” project… I have 2 cuts in his honor and I even have my Mother on the track… That’s right… Mom has contributed a verse. I am not going to Blog-Out every track… But I had to share this part of the project for obvious reasons…
Headed to the Blue Room Studios in D.C. to record next weekend*