What really matters…?
     Embrace the contrast of diversity through its striking beauty, where styles compliment others by a braid of creative strength. We are unlikely allies and that is what makes it work. I have been called “Hollywood” in this game on a few occasions. If the definition of “Hollywood” is; to do God’s work for the love of creating, I’ll be that.  We were battling for 90 minutes straight while the crowd watched us go at it like gladiators. We touched people, we moved people, and we were touched and moved by people. Now we all look for other ways to express ourselves…
Byron Walter will be studio with Shawde Banx.
Karee will be in front of the camera.
Poet will also be in the studio finishing his album.
And Graffiti Bleu has to edit next year’s releases…
Just my Thoughts Moralities, Short stories and Poems.

And “Behind the Lens  with Ayofemi Francino Mophia…

So we will be “underground” for awhile. I humbly tell you that the run we had was for the love. Since March of this year we have been getting it in. Thanks to everyone who shared this with us.