What do you see?

Do you see the man/
Do you see the myth/
Do you see the pain on the face of a man trying real hard in this struggle?

What do you see?

Do you see the plan/
To shoot the gift/
Raise Hell and still go to heaven with brains and muscle, recognize my hustle?

What do you see?

Do you understand/
Lyrics we flip/
Or do you just rock to the beat, not taking the time or the trouble?

What do you see?

A Wolf or a Lamb/
A hit or a miss/
A quarterback that’s focused or one who’s throwing up inside the huddle?

If I was the type to look for validation/

From some of you cock suckers I used to call peers/

I wouldn’t reach my destination/

waiting for you son’s of bitches would’ve wasted my years/

Some people hate cooperation/

On that nigger shit like the slave ships are still here/

The same cats are steady complaining/

About why we haven’t risen up yet as if we’re too scared/

Truth be told again/

A lot of tough guys ain’t men/

At least not when it comes to hustling/

Making connections or simply politicking/

I’m just saying though/

We all know the truth so/

Why do we hold the blatant truth in/

Instead of putting testimony inside of the flow/

About all the evils we see/

How far we are from the glory/

How grown folks be acting petty/

How you can have humility/

Perceived as a weakness they see/

And if weak is how you see me/

I could give a fuck completely/

Just stay the hell away from round me…

#StudioFlow #Brodomatics GB