You are entering a land, not of sight, not of sound, but of desire/

The desire to know/ the desire to grow/ and the desire to flow/

here we go/

my wisdom of consciousness/ or at least the way I understand it/

is that a soul can chose to experience life as any form it pleases/ even as a planet/


the desire to know/

would be satisfied when I experience what that must feel like/

to be the soul of the earth/ or of the sun/ or beyond thy kingdom come/

I could only use my imagination for now/ wow/

I just imagined myself as the sun shining golden rays on smiling faces/

giving life to billions of leafs/ on billions of trees/

lighting the way for humming birds that whisper in the breeze/

or to each other between sugary snacks/

so/ the desire to grow/

aspires to that/

ultimately I want to connect/ in a way that is raw/ beautiful/ sincere/ and honest/

I want to bend words like the pretzeled legs of limber lovers/

give those words to you in the form of lit candles/ you can take with you that light the way/


the desire to flow/

is satisfied ever time I express this way ~