On a beautiful beach/ on a beautiful land/ in a beautiful part of the world/

A grain of sand was having a chat with a clam who was home to a pearl/

The clam told tales/ of huge whales/ pirate ships with skulls & crossbones on there sails/ The blackness of night/ and the power of light/ the grain of sand first listened respectfully/

The clam continued with tales of jet streams and motion/ and the insane vastness of the ocean/ How it supports life/ how it causes death/ gives and takes breath/ and the grain of sand looked at him skeptically/

“Ah yes” the grain of sand said. I have heard others mention the ocean you talk about/

“But I have never seen such a thing and its very existence I truly doubt”

The clam looked puzzled hearing the sand’s speech/ had wondered if history is something his peer group would teach/ and surmised that his disbelief/ was in part to the fact that this grain of sand was furthest from shore of the beach/

The clam who was home to a pearl at first didn’t speak/ An opposing view might get loud and right now the pearl is sleep/ instead the clam goes deep/ into its own truth about the depths of the sea/ how strong the undertow is/ how cold the bottom can be/ how other strange forms of life/ would provide their own form of light/ how the Moon affects the rise of the tide/ at this very moment the clam did decide/

It is pointless to try and persuade/ those who are already convinced/ and words don’t teach as well as experience/ The unconvinced grain of sand was disappointed they didn’t argue/ since he certainly wanted to go there/ when a beautiful seagull swooped in outta nowhere/ snatched up the clam who was home to the pearl/ as well as the unconvinced grain of sand/ the seagull flew over the ocean and the sand saw the endless blue waves for itself/ and quickly apologized to the clam ~