The Thoughts of A Gangster 2023

My story is one of courage/ and facing fear/ introducing ideas/

concepts/ a lot of cats don’t want to hear/

My verse relates to the faithful few/ And so you understand me clear/

I never made a bragging record in my life/ but I feel compelled to share/

the-fact-that/ I feel I /rap better than y’all/ that’s neither here nor there/

Just know that I’m telling the truth/ every time that I’m in the booth/

Providing a burden of proof/ every time I testify/ how Gangster is that?/

tap-tap/ like Gregory Hines on the track/ Double tap blowing your mind/

like a cat with a strap/ All over the place/  like cumulus clouds out of nowhere/

focused on you/ between your eyes/ while you stare/ At a creation of God/

like you don’t care/ really/ I look at the scenario in reverse/

like I’m parking a whip/ So don’t trip/ that I have a different opinion/

that won’t fit/ or match your definition/ Fear is not my position/

like I said at the top/ but he’s/ besties/ with Sucker Emcees/

That want to believe /the opposite/ But how gangster is staying true?/

How Gangster is believing in you?/ How Gangster is catching he Flu?/

Lyrically sick/ For so many years/ you forget certain eras/

where pretenders became kings/ Puppets that had strings/

That think they’re/ Def Stars/ But what’s a Death Star to an X-Wing?/

Death Star meaning the soul of an artist/ Suppressed for the sake of success/

X-Wing torpedo as in lyrical dart/ X-Wing is the underground & the torpedo’s the art/

                        Frank White the Desperado/ The All Black Eldorado/

(The Thoughts of A Gangster)

My motives have been clear from the start/

Would often lose my way/ whenever things got dark/

I became comfortable in the shadow/ a closed fist receives no blessing/

a closed fist can either punch or paddle/ but this boat was waist deep/

in manure creek/ I chose to speak/ prayer was deep/

I levitated out of the boat/ moved to Southside and challenge some of the goats/

So I could be one of the goats/ If not the goat/ But it so happen to be/

authenticity/ is not a prerequisite for a deal/ Staying real/ Will/ not guarantee you a meal/

So how gangster is sticking with it?/

How gangster is staying committed?/

How gangster is knowing your team/ Since 14/ and never omitted/ The ugly parts out of your story/ In any verse I ever submitted/

How gangster is family first?/

& how much is your loyalty worth?/

Speaking on the culture here/ Barking on the vultures here/ While staying 10 toes/ to the Earth/

So in the spirit of Frank White/ I’m a fade to black/ weapon in hand/ & way in the back/ of this New York taxi/ right in the back seat/ M-O-E-T peace ~

  • GB


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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