Fatigue is not an option for my warrior heart
For today I am making this promise
My enemies dwell in sunlight’s fog
For today I am making this promise

To give you love eternally by living forever

birthing poetic children.

Their little hearts bursting with hope

which is the life blood of romance.

I weep for the romances

that have fallen to tireless foes

Swords and shields hand made and silk weaved

with the threads of selfishness and pride.

There on the battle field love lay slain.
There on the battle field is some ones pain.
I will avenge their excellent spirits through our love.
For through our love anything is possible.
I promise to use spontaneity as a weapon against mediocrity.

I promise to keep our joy close to my heart

so that it wont get stolen during the secret wars.

I accept your talents as a shape shifter

be you woman or black butterfly.

Romance will have its revenge through us
The Revenge of Romance will live through us
Your child of hope is born onto me

For I am reborn as your Husband

for now and forever…

The soldier in my soul

promises the eternal protection of our hope unborn

In this life and the next we will always be…