The NastyAs I think of the nasty there is to cum/

I think of the verses that have cum before/

Like flashes of wetness between skin on skin when pelvis meets pelvis/

How I learned through a variety of lovers that no woman is the same/

Flavors of ice cream dripping down my tongue in liquid form/

Be forewarned for this verse is not a poet braggadocio/

This is fellatio and being so deep inside your woman your family jewels lay resting on her chocolate starfish/

This is about chocolate layers on sugar walls, whip cream and cherries/

This is about fingernails breaking the skin above spines/ bottom lip bites and sweet pain moans/

This is about wobbly legs and trembling inner thighs/

Kidneys moving to the side/ wet from sweat milk and honey/

Open mouths that glide over nipples and navels, ankles, toes, elbows, the cracks of apple bottoms and Apple Jacks/

This is about a powerful day of getting fucked like you stole something/

A day where I was gentle as you needed me to be/

This is about dominance, submission, lust and trust/

You cumming down my throat as I exhale hot breath through my nostrils onto your secret garden/

This is about neck squeezes and ass slaps/ deep penetration and breaking backs/ bent limbs, euphoria and ceiling fans evaporating wetness from sheets/

Fingers so dangerously close to ground zero it makes her take the slightest of pauses/

Bouncing breast reflected by moonlight shining through drops of rain and storm/

The word baby repeated by lips tired of sucking and bodies exhausted from fucking/

This is about rib cages expanding and contracting housing hearts that beat like Latin rhythms/

This is about connection and intimacy, transparency and expression, wet instructors and hard lessons, lust and one of its many lyrical manifestos/