Sometimes we force things. I must admit I was drawing short on inspiration for the Vonlyn character. Book II, “Intimate Rivalz” is to be modeled after life and not vice versa. My spirit is drawn to the Levi character. I need to witness the backbone that leadership provides. I also need to be in its presence. As I was working on “The Vanity of Vonlyn Saint James” it occurred to me that the character of “Levi Sinkler” would be taking over as guardian for my favorite villain as early as 6 years old. So to develop the Vonlyn character first would limit the “Step father & son” dynamic. Simply a father should raise and mold his son not the other way around. Painting a picture of the man who was modeled after my grandfather will be a journey inside myself. I will be looking in a mirror of who I will end up being in my last days. This, I believe to be ordained. I have been dancing the steps of father and son with him long after he has past. I must honor him for I too can dance with the spirit and he knows this. Some of you know this, one of you knows this. Sorcery? I think not, for I know whose energy it is. We merely borrow it for selfish needs. I need not be ashamed of him. Lord I love you for this borrowed light you sent to me. With it I see what is really important. And what is cannot be expressed on the sales of a book. Rather the knowledge and wisdom that is aquired when you’re chasing your dream~

Graffiti Bleu