The Illusion of Utopia and The Lies of Like.

I don’t like her and she doesn’t like them/

They don’t like us and she can’t stand him/

He doesn’t like me and I’m not trying to be friends/

Because none of that matters when the day light ends/

Is the enemy of my enemy really my friend?/

Are we all just playing a grown-up game of pretend?/

Where the flesh of my flesh tries to rip away my skin/

Where folks look tough on the outside/ but are cowards within?/

News Flash!!! 

There’s no family/ No J-O-B/

No pulpit/ school/ or agency/

No get money click/ no Blood or Crip/

No Sunshine Pussy/ or Mandingo Dick/

No Pastor/ No Actor/ No Exotic Dancer/

No Poet/ No Rapper that has the game mastered/

No Choir/ Messiah/ or Athlete on fire/

That’s respected by all/ adored and admired/

The Illusion of Utopia and The Lies of Like.

The Devil told you to reach and when you did he said SIKE!/

He dangled power, status, prestige and position/

Promises of “Easy Living” for the lazy who’d listen/

The same ones who scream “Grind Time” and “Can’t Stop The Hustle”/

Are the same who complain about every day struggles/

Ownership, leadership, humility and compassion/

Sweat and hard work are no longer in fashion/

Players but no coaches/

Hard Rocks but no boulders/

Bosses without workers/

Soldiers who don’t salute soldiers/

The Illusion of Utopia and the Lies of Like/

News Flash!!!

Poems do not have to rhyme and some spoken words are better without mics/

A thousand nations/

can send a thousand ships/

that each carrying a thousand men/

with each man carrying hate in his heart/

Off to war on the surface of a peaceful Sea/

With orders to kill their enemies when the signal is given/

And those thousand ships/

each carrying a thousand men/

with each man carrying hate in his heart/

will occupy the surface of that peaceful Sea/

starring at their enemies/

Waiting for that signal that gives them permission/

And there they sit…

On the same body of water/

Looking at each other/

Hating one another/

Peacefully waiting for the orders to kill/

Peacefully waiting for the orders to kill/

My point is that the water of the sea is peacful regardless of the discontent between people that share the same space/
We don’t have to “like” one another to co-exist/

The world has become less about who gets the job done and more about who doesn’t like who/

It is our differences that make us versatile/

The ability to accept, challenge and debate those differences is the path to greatness/ 

The only utopia I know of is not of this Earth/

But we can at least be great while we’re here/

Let me be great ~