The Ego is a Tricky Little BastardLike a child sitting quietly in the corner/ a homeless man that asks you for change when you’re in a hurry/ or a phone number you don’t recognize/ we ignore our own ego/ even though it’s in plain sight/

We ignore this side of us at our own peril/ dismissing its actions like sounds that go bump in the night/

Like “Oh… that can’t possibly be/ that he or she/ stupid enough to make a copy of my key/ they may be be stupid but they ain’t crazy/

Famous last words/ from what we used to call a “Herb” / always acting/ as if it can’t happen/

In a basement tied up/ cause their ex ain’t give a fuck/ and decided just to kidnap them/

The Ego is a Tricky Little Bastard

Always gassing your head like it can’t happen to you/
While your inner voice screams because it knows it ain’t true/

So what’s a man to do? /
I can’t tell you what to do/ but I can testify to you/

Know that the ego doesn’t die until the body does/
so don’t give him the driver’s seat/ or tell you to turn around and go back to what once was/

All that matters is now/ but somehow we will dwell on that which does not matter/
Thus taking us/ right out of the importance of the moment/ the key component/ turning your true self into your opponent/

they often say/ “Learn how to stay out of your own way” Observant/
Knowing even if it’s on a subconscious level that the ego is a lousy master but a wonderful servant/

My hard head had to turn my heart soft before I could determine/
What the ego wanted was not aligned with source and became blessed with better discernment/

But in the times before the silver whiskers/ Before young boys started calling me mister/
I certainly didn’t know how deep the rabbit whole went/ My perception was bent/ a better word would be skewed/ like those who view/ The Ignorant as their President/

My ego told me love will concur all knowing I didn’t love myself/
My ego told me that happiness was in validation and material wealth/
My ego told me that being good was good enough/
My ego was quick to point the finger when things got rough/
My ego told me I knew more than I think I know/
Yet when I asked for the divine wisdom the ego told me “no”
The ego had me convinced he died and that I had things mastered/

The Ego is a Tricky Little Bastard