There is karma associated with everything we do/

This includes those/ who chose/ light over dark/

An open heart/ over isolation from love/

Those/ who chose/ to put a welcome mat in front of an open door/

instead of sending their children to a rich man’s war/

While his children stay home/ unaware of the atrocities/ overseas/

propaganda rules the day/ some would say/

“Cash – Rules – Everything – Around Me”/ C.R.E.A.M. Get the money!

Dollar, dollar bill y’all!”

Whereas I would say: “Cash rules everything around me?” Please/

save those particular bars and hooks/ for half way crooks/


Oh wait.. there’s no such thing/


I understand the game/ but understanding alone doesn’t make you a winner/

Some would say “I can live with that” Is that a fact?/

One can fully understand that they’re headed towards a trap/

Yet it didn’t stop Hansel and Gretel from almost becoming dinner/

Understanding “eat less and exercise more” alone doesn’t make you thinner/

Understanding the cold doesn’t mean that its winter/

Understanding hope/ might give you a glimmer/

He understood why she left/ but it still hurt his pride/

He watched her walk away/ yet he refused to go get her/

She wouldn’t have left if he didn’t let her/

She was only looking for passion from him/ pain/ desire/ remorse/ discourse/ or a fiery response that suggested he would never forget her/

And even though they both have love for one another/

Now they are no longer together/ both trying to understand what could have been done better/ 

Seems to me that understanding/ leaves you under those who stand-up for their beliefs/

right or wrong/ light or dark/ what is evil or not is a matter of your world view/ at some point I’ll say that line again too/ like a retweet on Twitter/

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves/

The moment everything that irritates us about others no longer irritates us at all/ it seems like everyone can tell/

you’re different now/

the old you is dead/

the new you is reborn/ and the new you quite simply is over it/

all of it/

over being oversensitive because pain is a part of the game/

over overanalyzing/ some things just are what they are/ and pointless to be explained/

over overcompensating for a past betrayal/ pinball effect/

we got caught slipping once/ so now we’re suspicious of everyone that follows/

what is evil or not is a matter of your world view/ just because someone caught you slipping yesterday/ doesn’t mean someone else will catch you tomorrow/

      The Difference between Understanding & Over-standing as I see it/ lies at skin level/ You can understand and stand under the rule of your own ego/ Determined that you’re smart enough to figure everything out/ Or you can over stand and stand over yourself along God’s side/ state your destination/ and trust in God to plot the route ~