The Art of Saying No: The Memoirs of a Naive PoetWhen it comes to the topic of “loving yourself first” it always amazed me of how many different interpretations one can receive after stating one phrase. Also amazing to me is how many today may view a statement such as this as selfish or negative. I believe quite contrary to that. I was born in one of the most dangerous cities, during one of the most dangerous eras, where poverty and substance abuse both were government funded. Where broken glass in the streets, urine smelling staircases, incarceration and death by homicide where all as normal as gravity. I was shielded from all of the world’s atrocities by my parents until the world demanded I looked at its darkness in the face. This book is the journey of a naive mamma’s boy coming of age. This is the story of a coward who learned bravery through trials of fire. This is a story of a heart  turning cold and then learning how to love again. This is a story about self discovery. Learning how to say yes to honor, yes to integrity, yes to sincerity, yes to loving yourself and “No” to everything else.


(Release Date: Friday July 10, 2020)


  • LaMont Anthony Wright AKA Graffiti Bleu