The Aphrodisiac of Power/ Volume 1 #REMIXPower… When a woman tastes its sweetness, she soon becomes addicted to the many flavors and selfless favors of a sexual slave/

His balls securely in her purse, he is a man in flesh only/

Marionette is his true self and she is his Puppeteer/

Her pedicured fingernails are laced with strings connected to his spine, his limbs and the worst of him/

When she’s not showing off his balls to her girlfriends, she plays with his emotions through his ego using her body/

His submission and her dominance combine for 1 style of her art of seduction/

If this is too cryptic, hectic and poetic, allow me to say this plainly/

He loves her and she doesn’t love him/

I would say she doesn’t give a fuck but she only has a single fuck to give/

In dominance she fucks his face till he can barely breathe/

His tongue ferocious and eager to please master, he expresses his love through tracing the eternity sign on her flower/

His erection is ignored completely while her selfish nectar flows down his lips, chin, neck and collar bones/

Do not show remorse for this man, for he enjoys her pleasure more than his own/

With thick thighs pressing tight around his jugular veins/ he must be feeling euphoric with a lack of oxygen to his brain/

His eyes rolling into the back of his head just as hers do/

No penetration in this situation/ Him releasing spasm after spasm into sheets at the level of her calf muscle/

Her releasing and squirting the back of his tonsils with her syrup and nectar/ his whiskers now soft from her shampoo and conditioner/

Her heels pressing the back of his neck until every drop of her essence is in his stomach/

Finally releasing his face/ now he’s breathing as heavy as an asthmatic who just climbed a flight of stairs/

His jaw dripping like a helpless puppy standing at the front door, happy that his master let him in from the rain/

Content in his defeat in his attempt to make her love him as he does her/

Believing foolishly he is one step closer to her heart when he could not be further away.