1-MWW is not a conglomerate, company or corporate structure. It is an idea forged with the dreams of all things greater than ourselves. It is a belief, a feather in the cap of all who have spilled blood for the sake of unity. It is the missing link in the chain of our creative evolution. It is an inner freedom not known without a complete trust in yourself and your own abilities. It is humility and acceptance. It is the many moving like the few and the few moving as one. This philosophy is forged in flame. The heat brings all of the impurities out of the precious minerals which we are. Only to make our bonds stronger once we are out of the flame. To appreciate this level you would have to identify with great struggle. To excel at this level one would have had to endure a great struggle. I invite you into the tiny piece of the cosmos which is the realm of our collective creative minds. A jazz band always plays when we brain storm. I am blessed be surrounded by talented street savvy spirits that think along the same lines. We now navigate through an ocean of ideas with a compass of unified energy some call intellectual magnetism. This can work but I am not mature enough to handle this level.
      I still live by the essential principles in this philosophy, regardless of my corporate failures. The failure was right in front of my nose the whole time and I never saw it. I tried to contain passion, and sell it. Creating the supply before the demand, this can be risky. My team and I looked inside of ourselves soon after our bond showed signs of ware and tare. We are all at peace; we all love and respect one another but 1-MWW as a company has to evolve. The best way to evolve is to die and be reborn. So 1-MWW is no more and this is not a bad thing. My creative life is reaching further than I imagined it would. However, this philosophy has to have a new name if 1-Man Worldwide is six feet beneath cold dirt and fresh grass. So I call this philosophy “The Trade Philosophy” This new philosophy will need a different set of words to describe it. I tried to help others before I learned how to help myself. Instead I will acknowledge other artists that understand the importance of sharing art as well as the value of the art created. I will speak less, listen more and save my wisdom for the pages. With a new creative mission I find inspiration easier which is a good thing. The bottom line in the trade philosophy is sacrifice. You have to give to get, and the physics is that simple. I will see you all from behind the mic.
 Anthony, La Mont, Graffiti Bleu.