Tasting Game






I lick the two gate keepers of my spoken words/

Remaining speechless trapped within the day dream of a day dream/

Smiling at the prize that lives south of your navel/

It grins back at me side ways/

Patiently waiting to reward me for patiently waiting/


The flower I chase now stares at my face/

Ooo… How I’ve waited for this day/

Not nervous, or anxious but auspicious/

You rub my face to guide the way to your delicious/

My apparent submission isn’t lust its trust/

I’m proud to explain the process that gives you the gift of my open mouth.


Now let me school you to this tasting game.


I keep peaches, mangos and melons in the crisper/

I feed you grapes between mind sex whispers/

I only cook you the healthiest food of the soul/

Oh yes it was a set up to get wet up/

By joining you in showers, washing your back for you/

Indeed it was a set up to get wet up/

By making sure that you never inhaled the smoke/

Does it make you bananas keeping pineapples in the freezer?

Then sucking the syrup like an Italian ici?

I place it on your tongue; you say I’m nothing but a teaser/

My plan is coming together quite nicely/

From first glance to first kiss I prepared the meal which is you/

However this meal of beauty is more than skin deep/


Now let me school you to this tasting game.


Its not coincidental I peeped the sweetness of your mental/

You can tell a lot by how a woman acts around his friends and family/

So I taste tested by placing you in social situations/

For all you were a treat to meet/

You stood tall without making people feel small/

My family adores you and my rivals want to bone you/


Now let me school you to this tasting game.


Before tasting your flesh I prepared your flesh/

Before tasting your mental I observed your mental/

But I tasted my own feeling when you went away/

Missing you made my sweet tooth ache/


Now let me school you to this tasting game.


You went away but you came back/

Now here we are in this little empty room staring your kitty down/

There is never a point where you are not missed/

There is never a point where you’re not lusted for a kiss/

A small piece of you like a sweet snack/

Savored on the tip of the tongue/

Disappointed when the flavor is done/

Like reaching the end of a cherry lolly/

We begin the gambit of sugars with “hello”

One word holds the weight of a stone/

Meaning so much/

More than a simple touch/

Without it there is no “Good Night”

My bread and butter is ruining my palate/

With salty flavors that don’t seem real/

I miss my caramel desert this evening/

That I often drink after a home cooked meal/

As you sleep I am sure new sweet cakes bake/

I wait/

For the dawn with my sweet tooth ache/