The Aphrodisiac of Power / Volume II

The Aphrodisiac of Power / Volume II

She was looking for a thug and she found one/ Amazed at how quickly her toes pointed to the ceiling above his bed/ Or should I say HER bed since she paid for it and he never gave her the money back like he said he would/ She was on his layaway plan/ laying a […]

the nasty

The Nasty

As I think of the nasty there is to cum/ I think of the verses that have cum before/ Like flashes of wetness between skin on skin when pelvis meets pelvis/ How I learned through a variety of lovers that no woman is the same/ Flavors of ice cream dripping down my tongue in liquid […]

A Moment of Clarity… #Poem

So here I stand/ audience curious/ cameras rolling/ verses upon verses on the ready/ heart pumping blood furiously/ glands injecting adrenaline/ hands steady/ belly feeling better now that I’ve snapped into character/ Butterflies now fly away freely/ and my gut is resting easy/ No longer am I nervous although I embrace that energy/ I embrace […]

She Fascinates Me…

She fascinates me with her relentless exploration for the flavors of passion/seasoned with the syrup of joy/ She tastes life with me just before dripping wisdom on my core self/ from balls to bone marrow/flesh and spirit we dance forever/ Like the edges of 2 galaxies spinning besides each other/ Harmonious we are beyond what man can […]