The Aphrodisiac of Power / Volume IIShe was looking for a thug and she found one/

Amazed at how quickly her toes pointed to the ceiling above his bed/

Or should I say HER bed since she paid for it and he never gave her the money back like he said he would/

She was on his layaway plan/ laying a way he liked/ laying a way that pleased him and him only him/

Laying a way her life to a man who was so unworthy he almost didn’t get this verse/

The type of cat to lay naked wearing socks and jewelry/ believes in Tom foolery/ and is nothing new to you and me/

Mediocre is his spirit/ the frame of a warrior but the passion of too much NyQuil and Benadryl/

Only good at sleeping… with her… although his eyes are always open/

Looking at everything on her body that bounces when her head is buried in the pillows and her ass is raised/

Her hair is getting pulled from the roots forcing her back to arch/

Her honey dripping down the back of her legs/ ripe and ready target waiting to be hit and never waits long/

Constantly pounded by injections of narcissism/ her self-esteem split like a melon on a hot summer’s day/

Her innocence tastes like sun kissed sugars to his negative palate/

She was looking for a thug and she found him/

Her body aches blinded by her ideals of masculinity/

Man is more than his physical abilities/

With every nut that drips out of her canal she slowly realizes that fact/

No conversation/

No emotions/

No connections/

Just erections/ stuffed inside places she’d never been fucked before/

Raw/ for many hours and a few encores/

Until of course when she asked for more/

and he hit the door/