The Passion Assassin

I spot him in the alley way.
Wielding an umbrella on the sunniest day.
Patiently lurking in the shadow of new love.
Disguised as a passer by eyes on the time.
Constantly smirking towards heavens above.
His attention falls earthward to hearts intertwined.
Lovers see him not behind dark shades of promise.
Nor do they hear his approach from behind.
I call out to novice lovers with urgent tones.
But cumulus clouds have cast shadows on warning.
Darkness is a voyeur as sweet pain moans.
Umbrella now raised, sunny romance now storming.
Distracted by the sting of the rain,
Lovers see him not through the tears of the Lord.
Falsehood in acting like there is no pain.
Dishonesty has fractured there two souls accord.
A blade emerges from the umbrella’s handle.
As time makes it harder to care for your dear.
Spectator as water robs flame from the candle.
As passion lay slain, I begin despair.   
Graffiti Bleu.