Sometimes my mind wanders/

Sometimes it goes into reflective places/

When I am in that reflective space/

I ask myself how happy I am/

I take inventory of who is/

Then I ask myself if I am simply existing and not really living/


Sometimes my mind is as blank as a sheet of paper/

Completely free from the words that usually swim in my thoughts like mermaids in a sailor’s dream/


Sometimes my mind is as chaotic as the news cycle after the president speaks/ filled with ideas that collide like 2 trucks filled with gasoline & paint/ with inspiration sparking an explosion too wonderful to interpret with ink alone/


Sometimes my mind is in a primal place/

Where it sizes everything up on some street s***/ making sure that me and my peeps are safe/ 

Scanning folks from head to toe/

Deciding if they are friend or foe/ then my mind looks for the exits just in case we’ve got to go/


Most times my mind wanders & ponders infinity & divinity/

How being loving makes you a boss/ & being fearful makes you soft/

& most of all since there are so many that feel like they’ve been crossed/

I often ask them “How is it possible for love to be a loss?”