She fascinates me/She fascinates me with her relentless exploration/She is hungry for the flavors of passion/

If joy had a taste it would taste like her/
And after me being starved of love for quite some time/

I would experience a manifesto that was quite sublime/

She tastes life with me just before dripping wisdom on my core/

I love her and I know it from balls to bone marrow/

In flesh and in spirit we dance forever/
Like the edges of 2 galaxies spinning besides each other/ 

Harmonious we are beyond what man can destroy with his bitterness/
And even within a subtle wickedness/

Sweet she remains/ always as I endure our endless cycle of passion and fascination/

Our session of intimacy was similar to dueling vocals on an Old school jam sung in A cappella/

However Do You Want It/

However do you need it/

Harmonious and competitive/ 
Spontaneous and repetitive/ 
Innovative and contemplative passion in all of its creative glory/

You may not understand how sweet her love was to a starving heart/

Her sweat was sweeter than the syrup of peaches/

We were both drinking like the sands of Egypt surrounded us without water/

Music is made welcoming the rain/ her aggressive submission is laced with trust/ Just like the butterfly trusts a breeze that is blowing towards randomness/

I trust her with liquid legacy/ she drinks from me savoring the wine made from the crushed grapes of Ethiopia/
Utopia/ braided with thickness/ weaved into thickness for all time/

This time documented by the Sun/ while the eternal passions are blamed on the Moon/ for arriving too late and leaving too soon/