Satin PetalsMany of you that follow any of the works on Graffiti Bleu Worldwide, know that we have had a host of guest bloggers, poets, singers, rappers and artists of all types featured on this platform. What you may not know is that the one artist who inspired all of this is a poet that was once known as “Soleil’s Kiss” AKA “Amber AKA Jennifer Smith. It was my back and fourth collaborations with her that gave birth to the blog, performances and romance novels. We have lost touch over the years. However I have a hunch that this will find its way to her eyes. Jen.. if by chance you ever read this, thank you again for inspiring this journey. I love you always and will salute you for eternity.

Satin Petals

Satin Petals are my mask

each time I come to thee,

a shroud to cloud your eyes,

a veil I didn’t think you could see.

But my mask is just a ruse,

an aspect of my game.

It hides me behind the fiction of my name.

That name is but a symbol.

of the role I play – it’s not me,

it’s a promise unfulfilled,

a hope of what will never be.

Removing all between us,

Clothed only in my true name,

my touch is not an illusion.

as it sets your heart and loin aflame.

A mirage within a dream,

A ghost of fragile youth,

I am fantasy. And fire.

And muse born of truth.

Satin petals are to me

my veil, my delicate mask –

Concealing what I see,

revealing what you ask.

(Written by Soleil’s Kiss

featured in PPP’s An Emotional Affair)