A funny thing happened on the corner of lover’s lane yesterday/ There I was, standing in the doorway of heartbreak hotel/ on my lips was a blunt filled with California green/ In my head I was saying a rhyme to pass the time/ On occasion/ a lovely female would walk up to me professing reasons/ of why they cared to join me/ escaping the breezes/ instigated by the seasons/ changing from summer to autumn/ 


Apparently/ joining me in the doorway was a temporary escape from the eternal mother of nature/ As they joined me/ I would only speak with my eyes/ Giving a gentle gaze as I inhaled fire and exhaled smoke/ Careful not to reveal anything but strength and mystery through body language and/or the vibrations of my current alignment/ As the Sun traveled East to West/ one by one/ a total of 9 women would join me in the welcoming archway of the hotel/ yet only 4 of them spoke to me/ 


So I will speak 1st about the ones who did not/ Again I say a total of 9 women would join me in the welcoming archway of the hotel/ If you minus the 4 that actually parted their lips to speak that would leave you with 5/ Each one of the 5 believed body language to be a great conversation starter/ a subtle way to give an inclination or perhaps an  invitation that there is more to explore/ 


They do so with hair flips that revealed sleeveless shoulders, gentle necklines and a slight thirst/ Twisting of hips with the rhythms of bass-lines/ Gentle 3 second gazes that would look away at the slightest flinch from me/ yet disappointed that I did not return any gazes/ instead, I only chose to flick the ash from my burning blunt/ As if I was asking “what do you want?” with a cynicism that suggested I already knew the answer/ Now I’m ready to tell the story of the other 4 that impressed me/ Before we speak on the individual differences/ I will tell you of their similar instances/ They all began with praise/ that went along with a seductive gaze/ One said: “That blunt smells good” another said: “Hello handsome” and the last 2 asked: “Do you know the time?”/ but that is where the similarities stop/ each of the final 4 would prove that each woman is her own individual/ 


The 1st of the final 4 considered herself to be spiritual/ I told her that spirituality intrigued me/ and at 1st she did not believe me/ which got me thinking would a spiritual master be so skeptical of the truth/ I was in no mood to provide proof/ so I climbed back inside myself/ the 2nd of the final 4 was the sexiest of the day/ we would have had a great conversation if my dick didn’t get in the way/ he kept twisting my words out of context/ making everything about sex/ ventriloquist meets marionette/ she rolled her eyes/ and of course/ she left/ an intellectual was next/ 


Yes the 3rd woman of the final 4 came with more wisdom than I could absorb in one serving/ I listened to her world view/ her abstract view/ her family view/ her feminine view/ I couldn’t get a word in edge wise to be honest with you/ all I could do/ was nod and if I agreed I’d quickly say “Me too”/ I finally spoke and she yawned 2 sentences in my short speech/ a paragraph in and she wasn’t listening/ I lit another blunt and blew the smoke at the spot she was standing in/ the moment after she walked away/ 


The last 1 was the last one/ a perfect balance of all who came before her/ the conversation between us had harmony and so did the silence/ I hold her close to my heart on this very day/ a total of 9 women joined me in the welcoming archway of the hotel back then/ so it had me look up the spiritual meaning of the number 9/ come to find/ the number 9/ is used to define/ the perfect movement of God. The biblical number 9 is a number of patience/ It is the number of patience of harmony, meditation, inspiration and perfection of ideas. The number 9 is also a symbol of creation and represents that life is full of development and rhythm. 9 can also be the number of completion/ being the last digit of numerical value before the cycle starts a new/ that might be true/ Since my lady is never too shy to tell me.. 


“I Love you”