punk-shit“Without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently” – Maya Angelou

Speaking on the ways of the fearful or those who lack courage could take up to a week. We don’t have that kind of time and I don’t have that kind of patience. However in honor of the great poet who I quoted above, I feel compelled to share some game.

As always, these are simply my opinions based on observations and experiences I have had on the paths I have chosen to walk on in my life. If you disagree with these opinions that’s wonderful. It proves that you have your own mind. Yet if you can relate to what I’m expressing; welcome aboard to the train traveling through my thoughts…

Now then, where I come from people who will fearfully or tried to act courageous when they are not are called “punks” so it is only fitting to call the ways of the fearful “punk shit” For one to live one’s life fearfully is an unhappy existence. Some are fearful about everything and anything. Since this is indeed the case, I will touch only on 3 examples that seem to get me bent out of shape the most.

1). In martial arts and the cultures it comes from, it is customary for the teacher to teach the student all that they know. If the student can reach a level of mastery to where he or she beats their master, the pupil and the master are both successes in their own right.


If a teacher can teach their pupils so well that they can teach them to be better that the teacher themselves; this makes the teacher great. The teacher’s legacy is embodied in the pupil; making something greater than him or herself. Fear, a lack of courage or “punk shit” keeps us from embracing this ideology of the past. The lack of this embrace has manifested its way into our future. It is most obvious on the corporate level, where seasoned veterans do not want to show students of their selected profession all that they know. Fearful of being replaced by that student. This can be found in the artistic world too; where artists don’t have exchanges of ideas; fearful of being surpassed by other artist who they perceive as rivals. Punk shit can even be found in the tiny, petty wrinkles of our day to day. Where people are fearful of coming together in the name of collective wisdom because they do not want to have their wisdom challenged or they do not want to share their experiences. Fearful of being judged on how they think and that their way of thinking may not be accepted by the majority.

2) Punk shit can manifest itself in child rearing. My family raised me in New York City I was born in the Bronx and I lived in Manhattan and and the borough of Queens. We lived just below the poverty line and at times just above. I regret nothing because every struggle of every day gave me an edge by making me tough for the challenges to come. Even though my generation is fully aware of the hidden blessings of adversity, most want to make it easier for their children. (which I totally understand. I would not want my nephew to know about government cheese either) At the same time, I’ve seen parents take “no adversity” to the extreme with their children. No matter how good the parents came out,  no matter how good they ended up and no matter how proud of themselves they are today. Many in my generation feel like they do not want their children to struggle at all. I’m not saying to starve your child or to make them walk when they can ride. I’m talking about a system of work and reward. Jordan’s, Play stations, cars, allowance and privileges should be earned… right? Here’s the trick though… Many parents wanted to be their child’s friend and not their parent. Not having the courage to make the tough decisions. Looking their child in the eye and telling them “no” and telling them why they said no. In some cases parents lacked the courage to be the bad guy. Or the courage to let go. Like taking the training wheels off of the bike for the first time. It takes courage and faith to believe your child will rise to the challenge. It takes courage to let go of anybody so that they may grow on their own for that matter. (Sometimes we can be “motherly” to grown folks too) 

3) Punk Shit can manifest itself into self acceptance… some believe that if they just be themselves, nobody will accept them for who they are. So you have many who pretend to be something that they are not. This is the  most dangerous form of punk shit to me. For if the true power is in the knowledge of one’s self; I can only surmise that being confused about who you are must subtract from that power.

Wrapping up…

Fear is like an empty abyss… a black hole or void. There is nothing you can do to fill it. It will consume you until there’s nothing left.

Love in contrast is a fulfilling energy. You can be content with love. So much so, you don’t need anything else.

I am not infallible and I will not pretend like I don’t have fears and insecurities like everyone else does… 

I just do my damnedest to not be consumed by that fear. I embrace the butterflies in my my belly…

Do you?