This is some of my earlier work in story teller… I wrote this story about 4 years ago. Those who know me and have read the book (PPP AEA) may be able to tell the difference in writing styles. Also since it soooooo cold outside I am compelled to talk about the times when it was a little warmer…
“Pillow Fight”
The block is hot. The humidity alone will make Satan tell the truth. Its 99 degrees today. My lover & I are spending the day by the water. I thought it might be cooler by the waves that she craves to be near. (I was wrong). Even it seems to boil. Her temper has been short and her audible has been curt today.” My patient’s is growing thinner than the humid air flowing threw our nostrils. “Let’s go back to the room Baby!” She says irritated. HHHHHHHHHmmmm, not her style to snap at me. I remove my shades & wipe the sweat from my brow. I look at her souls windows for an apologetic face. There is none. She turns her back to me and walks away! Fucking flipping her hair in the process. AWWww HELL NO, it’s too hot for this shit. She does the “sassy walk”. Marching to the hotel with the grace of a runway model as I follow. I study the rhythm of her ample ass. Like a dinner bell it has me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.  “We say nothing in the elevator. She just stares at the bulge in my pants with this sarcastic grin. “Is she playing me?” I think to myself. I must admit all this heat and gangster attitude is tapping into my hearts demonic side. It has me wanting to drill her into submission. So much so that I don’t realize I have been growing love below pleasures since we hit the lobby.  It takes us a few irritating minutes just to open the door with the electronic key. It opens finally! We burst through the door like the Feds expecting to feel the chill of air-conditioning.
Wrong again. “Didn’t I tell you to crank the A.C. before we left!?!?!?!?” Amber says like talking to a 2 year old.
“Don’t be such a Bi…………………..!” Whoa! Totally out of character for me! I save the game in the bottom of the 9th by catching the T-C-H with my mouth like Derrick Jeeter. I have never hit a woman in my life. (Short of an affectionate smack on the ass) & never have I used the “B” word outside of sexual role playing. I did not call her a B-I-T-C-H, but I wanted to. Her eyes are as wide as deep dishes on a Beamer, but I wish I knew why the fuck she was grinning?!?!?
My Lover is ever changing like the Goddess she personifies.
Emotions mimic seasonal colors in transition.
I love that feisty shit, her tantrum multiplies.
I ponder ways to exploit her condition.
She’s playfully pissing me off.
“One in the chamber!” her words mock.
I need to hit her with something soft.
Then ease the stiffness of my ……
I smack the taste out of her lovely mouth with a pillow from the California King. She is furious! She grabs the other and we go at it. We trash the room in the process. Goose feathers are everywhere. She giggles every time she lands a shot. I am frustrated that she is so good at this. Time to man up. I hit her square on the ass with the pillow so hard she loses balance and lands on the bed. I pounce on her immediately. She submits. I rip her sky bleu blouse off revealing her sweaty D-cups. I lick the salty sugar from around her nipples frame while I have her wrist pinned. I never touch the nipple itself. It drives her mad. “I want you Bleu…Now!” She says emphatically.  Her cries are in vain. She knows she will suffer the sweet pain of learning patience. She instigated this torture.  Now she will pay in spades. Finally I give her aching nipples one firm suck each. No more, no less. I flip her onto her belly. I take the remainder of the pillows & prop them under her so that her ass is at a higher altitude. Then I spread her legs as far as her mini-skirt will allow. Her sky blue panties are drenched. I tickle her tender folds with my pinkie smacking her ass while I tell her how bad she’s been today. I place that same finger in my mouth and taste the slightly salted mango. I am throbbing now and unable to tease any further. She grinds the pillows in circular movements as I remove my tank and shorts. I only stoke her with the head. She is savage with lust at this point. This is what she wanted. Now she will feel the wrath. I enter her suddenly and deeply. I plunge into her steaming hot wetness & forcefully grind her as my own sweat rains on her arched back.
Her g-spot throbs uncontrollably. Never have I felt her orgasm so quickly. The pleasant surprise of her early arrival has me stiffer now. I Bring her legs together with my own making her kitty squeeze me tighter.
Then grind harder.
     The headboard plays percussion on the adjacent wall.
           She whispers my name.
                       I explode.
                                The A.C. Finally kicks in.
                                              We sleep.
Graffiti Bleu