Paradise Island… by #Collective member @BWALTERPoetry

A void seems to appear in your absence.

When you leave you are free to coast along the breeze and during your levitation. I hope you gain awareness to be mindful of your actions.

Slowly feel every subtle detail given from sensations sprouting through your consciousness, all the way down to your physical interactions.

Pay attention to the poetic chemistry, theatrically performing, and its progressions for your mind’s eye to see. As you dissect you’re own questions to see if it’s all connected.

Or if it isn’t.

Try to discover, that all is not what it appears to be, unless you fuel its energy, to be a continuous factor reappearing in future chapters.

A problem can only manifest if stored in the depths of your psyche trapped behind a rusted lock. Without any attempts for a solution to set it free.

Along with false emotions and ill notions. Eventually, will fade and drift away if never given the opportunity to be noticed.

Once that happens. You harness a magic that few encounter. But grasps it when recognizing its true power.

For that absence, has been a journey towards self-discovery.  If ever attained, emit that radiant energy at your own frequency.

Once projected out towards the world. You realize entirely, you’re the key for that void to be restored.

Journey well.
You’re one….

Byron Walter


author/novelist/poet also known as Graffiti Bleu, loves and lives in northern California. He was born in New York City and received some serious game and [learn more]

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